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A smaller city with more recognition than some of the bigger cities is quite an astonishing feat. Bartonville Texas has an entire community’s worth of historical marker status. This city has gone above and beyond what other cities do when they simply wanted one building to obtain historical significance status. Instead, they received an entire city considered a historical landmark.

This honor is only bestowed upon some of the greatest pieces of history. This entire town has been graced with this honor. One thing that isn’t very notable that graces Bartonville on a daily basis is the fact that people continuously suffer from injuries dealt at the hands of someone that’s not being safe.

From car accidents to a cut and dry premises negligence incident, our Dallas personal injury legal professional team can help you recover what you are owed by the liable party’s insurance company. Our team at the Reyes Browne Reilley and Associates Law Offices can do it all from start to finish with working on your claim.

Hiring an attorney is not something that should worry anyone. Our attorneys specifically go after the liable party’s insurance company. If your injury happened at your friends’ home, they will not have to worry about money coming from your friends’ pockets.

Even if it happened at a nearby store, that store owner has insurance to handle any incidents, should they have caused an injury due to their negligence. That insurance company owes you compensation for your injuries due to their client’s negligence. We can help you get the maximum amount for your pain and suffering.

Being injured is something nobody wants to deal with. With our law firm, we have been operating for nearly 30 years. We know the best way to get you back on your feet with the best medical providers, while our top-quality attorneys get the money for you to pay for that quality treatment.

Our lawyers have helped thousands of previous clients recover hundreds of millions of dollars in rightful compensation from insurance companies that would have caused them harm, had they done it alone or gone to another law firm. We have the best vantage point due to our knowledge of just how much your case is worth. You deserve to have the best quality experience with an attorney for your personal injury case, and we are here to step up and crush that challenge.

Policies in our office enable us to be a client-forward firm. That means, you will never pay for a consultation, nor will you pay for any up-front costs. In fact, you will only pay our attorneys if we win your case. With a 98% success rate over the course of three decades, any case that we take has a very high chance of winning. Certainly, higher than any other law firm in North Texas.

Your case deserves the highest-rated client-forward law firm. We are waiting by the phone 24/7 to help absolutely anyone that we can. Give us a call immediately at (214) 526-7900. You can also reach us by submitting any and all case information via secure web submission forms here.