Consult with an Attorney

Have you been injured because of someone else’s actions or lack thereof? If so, it’s probably a good idea that you consult with a Garland injury attorney. Even if you’re confident the case should go your way, it’s too risky to try going to court without an experienced attorney by your side.

It Might Not Be Worth It

For one thing, unless you’re a Garland injury attorney, you don’t have the experience to know whether or not a case is worth pursuing. It’s easy to think you should file a lawsuit of someone is responsible for your injury, but that doesn’t always transfer to a court of law. This is one of the best reasons to at least consult with a Garland injury attorney before filing a suit. They are duty-bound to give you a legitimate assessment of your case before you ever spend the money trying to take it to court.

Remember, too, that an attorney won’t have the same attachment to the case that you do. Sometimes it can be very hard hearing the truth about what happened, who’s to blame, and what the likelihood is of getting a judgment in your favor. You need a trusted ally who won’t be afraid to tell it to you like it is.

Red Tape Will Get in the Way

On top of that, even if you make the right call on filing a suit, that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of red tape between you and the desired result. Though the justice system is designed to make things as easy as possible for those who have been wronged, that’s not necessarily the way it always works. An experienced attorney, however, will have worked within this system for years, meaning that red tape won’t cause any problems.

Top Notch Investigative Abilities

Just about every lawsuit involving an injury will require a great deal of investigation. Again, it might seem clear-cut to you that someone else is to blame for your pain and suffering, but you’d be surprised by what the other side can bring to the table. There are so many variables involved, that it takes a Garland injury attorney to understand what may come into play and to take the necessary steps to investigate those issues.

Mediation and Settlements

A lot of times the right move is to take a settlement. This is where that objectivity we mentioned earlier can once again come into play. An injury attorney is able to separate themselves from the case and know when a settlement makes the most sense.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to walk away with nothing. It can actually mean that you get a fair shake and don’t have to wait years for the payout either. With a Garland injury attorney representing you, the other side will also know that they shouldn’t even bother with trying to offer a settlement that is far too low.

Jury Trials

On the other hand, your case may end up in front of a jury. That’s when there’s simply no substitute for a Garland injury attorney with experience handling a legal case in front of such an audience. Not only is this something you don’t want to try on your own, it’s too much of a challenge for anyone who doesn’t have years under their belt.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Finally, it’s a sad fact that sometimes one of the best reasons to have an injury attorney on your side is to deal with your own insurance companies. Just like defendants are going to be less likely to play games with a settlement when they know you’re well-represented, insurance companies are much better about paying out when they know you have an attorney.

Don’t take on an injury claim on your own. Instead, proceed with confidence by knowing you have an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney backing you the entire way.