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Considered a top 20 place to live in the United States, the suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth boasts some of the happiest and genuinely satisfied citizens. Life is good in the suburban city and nobody is complaining about the close proximity to all of the fun and exciting events between Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

Even with the slow nature of a smaller city, people still move rather quickly through Mansfield. When people move too quickly, mistakes get made, people get hurt. Mansfield citizens have experienced injuries throughout their lifetime that haven’t been their fault. However, they are trying to find better ways to have the liable party held accountable.

That’s where the DFW Metroplex’s quality-driven personal injury lawyers from the Reyes Browne Reilley and Associates Law Offices come in to take care of business for the Mansfield citizens. You need to make sure that the people that have wronged you are righting their wrongs. Typically, their insurance helps them with that, but you have funds that should be rightfully disbursed to you.

You deserve to get the highest amount possible for your compensation. All individuals that are filing in attempts to retrieve their maximum compensation only get one chance. Deciding to take on the insurance on your own in order to save a few dollars is only going to cost you thousands in the end. Most people end up receiving less than a quarter of the amount of money they could have received had they hired an experienced personal injury lawyer.

You won’t find anyone more experienced or dedicated to their clients than our law firm. We pride ourselves on our success for our clients. Over the course of nearly three decades, we have accumulated a success rate of 98%.

We base our success on a few things. Our goal is to get your medical bills entirely settled. That means you pay nothing for your medical bills after we have sent you to the top professionals in the specialized medical practices for your injuries.

We also want to compensate you for your lost wages due to the injury. You shouldn’t have to miss out on wages because of someone else’s mistake, but we understand that you can’t work if you’re injured. Factoring in all of your losses and expenses we want to make sure you have to pay absolutely nothing out of pocket for your case. That’s our number one goal alongside getting you back to full health.

Our formula for success has been put together with perfection and attention to detail. You need our services in order to get what you rightfully deserve, and we are 100% happy to help you out in every possible way. We don’t charge for our services unless we win your case. That means no up-front attorney fees and no consultation fee. That amount is also factored into your final settlement so you’re not losing any money paying us either.

Call us today to get your case started. We answer our phones 24/7 because we want to make sure you get started on your injury claims immediately. Hesitation is the enemy to your claims process. Call us now to get started at (214) 526-7900 or submit your case information here on our form.