Author: Angel Reyes  

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K2-spice542014Overdoses from K2 in the Dallas region have spiked in the last week, with 30 such incidents reported in the city in just 30 days.

In 24 hours, 20 people were admitted to Baylor Medical Center suffering from effects of the synthetic drug, while 10 others were sent to Parkland Hospital. No reports of deaths from the synthetic herb have been recorded.

“Multiple patients [came] in with altered mental status and psychosis. Some of them were extremely agitated, needing sedation and needing several people to keep them safe from themselves,” Doctor Jim D’Etienne of the Baylor University Medical Center, told the press.

The synthetic marijuana substitute is sold and marketed as a substitute for cannabis. The substance is banned in Dallas, but is legal in many other areas of the country. Each time a blend of ingredients is prohibited in an area like the Big D, manufacturers change their ingredients to skirt regulations.

Dallas Police have increased patrols, anticipating a rise in calls due to use of the intoxicant, also known as spice. Authorities report they have made arrests in recent days for crimes related to K2.

Most of the overdoses have occurred in the area of the city containing a homeless shelter, but authorities are still trying to piece together other ties between the cases. For instance, it is not known whether just one brand of K2 was involved in the cases, or product from several manufacturers.

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