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07092014On May 23, the Vascular Solutions company issued a voluntary nationwide recall of 40 lots of their Langston® V2 Dual Lumen Catheters. The company received two reports of incidents where the inner catheter separated from the hub during use, potentially entering the patient’s circulatory system. But in each report, the catheter was retrieved without injury.

The lots recalled were manufactured between January 2014 and April 2014 and included model numbers 5540 and 5550. Vascular Solutions estimates that a total of 8,580 of the recalled catheters were sold between March to May 2014 and approximately 3,847 were unused in the field as of July 3.

The recall includes the following lot numbers:

  • 569436-569437
  • 569962-569965
  • 570177-570178
  • 570337-570341
  • 570504-570507
  • 570592-570593
  • 570674-570675
  • 570744-570746
  • 570836
  • 570926-570929
  • 571099-571103
  • 571350
  • 571412-571415
  • 571727

Hospitals that received the catheters have been asked to cease use and return unused products to Vascular Solutions for replacement. At this time, 86 percent of the defective catheters have been accounted for and are in the process of being returned.

Although the company initiated the recall in May, the press release from Vascular Solutions did not go public until July 3, and the information was not published to the FDA medical device recall page until July 7. With an estimated 14 percent of the defective medical devices still potentially in use, there is still a chance of patient injury from these catheters.

As a patient you cannot guarantee the safety of the medical equipment your doctor uses. However, you can help reduce your risk of adverse reactions to medications and equipment by informing your doctor of any allergies or past complications with medical care. Remember, if anything seems unusual about the equipment used in your care, alert a staff member immediately.

Image courtesy Vascular Solutions

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