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Ms. Sadie G. shares her Reyes Browne Reilley experience with our experienced Dallas personal injury attorneys while helping her recover damages after being injured at a beauty salon.

“Hi my name is Sadie Garner. About a year or so I ago, I was involved in this accident at this school and they was giving me a service and they had put me on this table, like a massage table. And the table fell. And I fell off of the table. I fell on my left arm. It was kinda bad. So as you can see, I’m a kinda heavy set lady. And the lady that was giving me the service she was small in stature, so they had to call about three or four people to help me up off of the floor. And I knew immediately that I had hurt my arm. So they sent me to urgent care. And then they told me at urgent care that I had a real bad sprain. But in the meantime, when I went there, they told me I needed to see my doctor.

So I wound up going to my doctor and they put me in physical therapy. I was in physical therapy for almost a year. So, in the physical therapy I was kinda having a problem with the insurance about covering some of the costs. So I knew then that I had to get a lawyer. So I contacted one of my lawyers back in Buffalo and they recommended Lawyer Browne to me. And once I called their office and they took my case, which I’m very glad that they did. I didn’t really have to do a lot. They did all the leg work and they did everything that I knew that I couldn’t do. And now I’m here, the case is settled. And I’m very happy with this law firm. So I recommend that if you know of Lawyer Browne, to give him a call. If you have any issues or any need, they will take very good care of you. Thank you.“

Do what Sadie did – research reviews before you decide who should fight the insurance company on your personal injury claim.

After more than 30 years representing Texas personal injury victims, the experienced team of professional personal injury lawyers at Reyes Browne Reilley have seen the consequences of negligence first-hand. If you have sustained injuries because of a car wreck which was not your fault, contact us now for a free and confidential case review. Fill out our form online, or call (214) 526-7900, and we will get you on the road to recovery.

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