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car-safety-gear-cuts-deaths-in-dallas-300x200Driving regulations, such as no texting and driving, are good measures to ensure drivers are safer on the road, but are not the only actions in place to keep roads safer. A new study shows that safety gear and equipment being installed in new model cars has proven to decrease the amount of deaths resulting from auto accidents.

According to the Wall Street Journal, federal data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in December 2017 shows that safety features being built into cars in recent years have allowed for a drop in auto fatalities. In the study, it shows that in the past decade the number of fatalities from accidents has dropped by nearly two-thirds with each new model car released. In 2016, the number of fatalities dropped by 3.1% over the previous year, while the number of those injured fell 2.1%.

Traction And Stability Systems Lead To Safer Vehicles

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car-wreck-dangers-dallas-300x200A car accident is a traumatizing experience that can lead to serious injuries and well as long-term emotional troubles. Here are six things that might shock you about car accidents.

1. Thirty-One Percent of Fatal Accidents Involve Alcohol

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2017, 31 percent of all traffic-related fatalities in the U.S. involved an alcohol-impaired driver. There were 10,322 fatalities in the U.S. that involved a driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher.

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032114-accident-in-a-company-car_151794464-300x200Most people recognize their rights when it comes to being involved in an accident in their own cars, but what if the accident were to happen in a company car? Who is required to pay for the damages? Can you be held personally liable or is it your boss’s responsibility? Unfortunately company car liability is a very complicated legal issue that involves a number of factors in determining who pays for damages. If your job involves driving a company car, it would behoove you to be aware of what rights and liabilities you have in the event of an accident.

Car accidents happen on a daily basis, and if your job involves driving around in a company car regularly your chance of being involved in a collision unfortunately increases. . Whether driving a taxi, delivering items in a company truck or van, or any other such activity that requires you to drive around in a company car each day, it is important to arm yourself with the right knowledge in the event an accident occurs while you are on the job.

In the law, there is a concept called the “respondent superior doctrine”. According to this doctrine an employer may be held liable for the actions of employees during their employment – the employer may be held vicariously liable if in fact you have an accident while working on the job. What does vicarious liability mean for an employee? It simply means that if you have a car accident in your company car, your employer might be held liable if you were performing work duties within the scope of your job when the accident occurred. Sounds simple enough, however,it isn’t always clear if the incident happened during the course of employment, at which point, the courts get to decide who is responsible. How does a court make this determination? It does so by determining if a the time the accident occurs you were doing job duties or were what the law has coined taking a “detour” or “frolic”.

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car-accident-statistics-1Although automobile manufactures are always coming out with new and improved safety features, car accidents remain a leading cause of death and injury in Dallas and in the United States.

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic-Safety Administration), the amount of traffic accidents has slowly decreased in Texas, but on average there are still about 3,300 fatalities a year in the Lone Star State alone. Surprisingly, at least 10% of those accidents involve drivers who are 16-20 years of age.

The main causes of most automobile accidents are drunk or distracted drivers. Despite all the public service announcements and growing awareness of the dangers of using cellular phones while driving, recent surveys show that most drivers are willing to risk others’ lives and their own to answer a call or text while behind the wheel. Texting increases the risk of having a car crash by a whopping 23 percent! For more information about distracted driving visit

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car_crash-300x199With its large population, Texas unsurprisingly sits at the top of the list in total number of traffic accident fatalities. It saw 3,398 traffic fatalities in 2012, topping the list. Here are some of the top causes of accidents in Texas.

It was in the top ten in fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Below are some statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation that highlight the most common causes of accidents in Texas.

Failing to Control Speed

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